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Smooth Clean Cabinet?

Hey, I was wondering what cabinets you use for clean tone and smooth jazz? I want a warm, almost acoustic, sound that will give good reverb and will be powerful as well. Ill be playing an orange 30ADHTC head through it so it will need to work with that.

Sound comes from the fingers, and the strings of course. But I assume you already have a nice set of jazz strings and a full setup.

For a warm sound from a bright amp, try an Eminence Swamp Thang or Cannabis Rex speaker. Obviously check reviews before you buy, but both are said to be very warm speakers.

As far as a cabinet - use whatever fits well underneath your head. Possibly open backed as well - the sound will be fuller, both in bass and in upper high end (having a closed back, close baffle tends to limit bass to some extent, due to lack of room for back-vibrations to move out and resonate, and which is why 'bass' cabs tend to be ported, rather than closed).

Consider making the cab yourself, if you are considering custom speakers, and have the woodworking skills.

Thought the Orange honestly sounds like a bit of an odd choice for jazz. I'd assume a Fender twin or a Roland would be more suitable in the first place.

And the cheapest solution of them all is to get an equalizer pedal in your effects loop, and try boosting various frequencies from the lower midrange to the bass, in different amounts, just test it to taste. Danelectro Fish 'n Chips, or MXR if you want less noise, are good options.

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